About us

Living Ciociaria is an association of purpose aimed at the realisation of a specific public interest committed to the conception, realisation and promotion of initiatives and projects geared to the development of tourism in Ciociaria.

In this context, it assumes the delicate role of director and mediator with the aim of channelling the many energies and resources operating in the area, making their action more incisive.

Promoting the territory means first of all knowing how to meet the challenges of a changing market, cultivating the ambition of improving the reputation and image of Ciociaria, its capacity to welcome and host people from all over the world, and the economic performance related to tourist flows by strengthening the Brand and communicating its values, making them known throughout the world.

Innovative tourism products and services, including the multimedia ICT platform and analyses and research on the international dynamics of the sector transferred to the operators in the area to foster a virtuous circle and synergy of action, are also geared towards achieving these objectives.

Tourism is today, in Ciociaria, a decisive economic reality in terms of income and employment: the merit goes to the extraordinary landscape resources and the constant work of private and public operators who over time have been able to create a distinctive context in terms of services, hospitality and quality of life.

For this reason, and for the common will of all players to work on maintaining and developing this reality, it is important to look beyond the short term, devising effective strategies capable of anticipating tomorrow’s challenges and ensuring a high level of competitiveness on the markets.

Promuovere il territorio significa innanzitutto saper cogliere le sfide di un mercato in trasformazione, coltivare l’ambizione di migliorare la reputazione e l’immagine della Ciociaria, la sua capacità di accogliere e di ospitare persone da tutto il mondo, le performance economiche connesse ai flussi turistici rafforzando il Brand e comunicando i suoi valori, rendendoli conosciuti nel mondo.

Al raggiungimento di questi obiettivi sono improntati anche i prodotti ed i servizi turistici innovativi tra cui la piattaforma ICT multimediale e le analisi e ricerche relative alle dinamiche internazionali del settore trasferite agli operatori del territorio per favorire un circolo virtuoso ed una sinergia di azione.

Our Team

The executive board of Living Ciociaria consists of the following bodies: